The promised update for all engineers in Team Fortress 2 is beginning to take shape. Resurfaced is brand new gun and karty.A here they are: 1.Kovboy Cowboy replace conventional gun. It’s called The Wrangler. With it, engineers will be able to distance control turret, and aims to choose his own hands. In addition, The Wrangler would create a protective shield around the turret, which absorbs 66 percent of the damage, and increase in the rate of two times.

Less is – after engineer will replace The Wrangler on other weapons turret for three seconds will be defenseless. 2.Karta Upward Upward, a completely new map of Payload-authorship Valve and 35 new achievements. 3.Strelok + Mini-Turret ‘Shooter’ replaces the wrench klyuch.Na 25hp more to life when carrying, every third strike in a row on an enemy gives 100% crit, also allows the engineer to put a mini-turret instead of the standard. Mini-gun is used in conjunction with the ‘Ranger’. The cost of construction in 100ed metal construction is 4 times faster conventional turret, creating a full zdorovem.Ne can be repaired and upgraded, causing less damage than normal turret. 4.Samosud Capacity shop in his two times smaller than that of conventional . And criticals are not determined randomly. If you destroy the turret installed, the engineer was awarded a bonus critical shot.

Can be, so to speak, to avenge the enemies of the destroyed product Arts and restore justice. Also, engineers will receive two critical shot for each dead enemy turret. And one of the “Crete”, if the turret just podsobila in destroying enemy carcasses. Upgraded wrench is supposed new code gives a bonus to damage. And the main thing – all the above good people will get for free. Enough already read.