Know you know what you know and that you know what is not known; Here is the true knowledge. Confucius as Wikipedia highlights it, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize feelings own and others, and the ability to handle them. The term was popularized by Daniel Goleman, with his famous book: Emotional Intelligence, published in 1995. Goleman believes that emotional intelligence can be arranged in five capacities: Learn about emotions and feelings, manage them, recognize them, create own motivation, and handling relations background we added besides wikipedia that use more distant a similar to the emotional intelligence concept goes back to Darwin, which indicated the importance of emotional expression for survival and adaptation in their work. Although the traditional definitions of intelligence emphasized cognitive aspects, such as memory and the ability to solve problems, several influential researchers in the field of the study of intelligence are beginning to recognize the importance of the absence of cognitive aspects.

Thorndike, in 1920, used the term social intelligence to describe the ability to understand and motivate other people. David Wechsler in 1940, described the influence of non-intellective factors on intelligent behavior, and argues, moreover, that our models of intelligence will not be complete until they could not adequately describe these factors. In 1983, Howard Gardner, in his theory of multiple intelligences Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences introduced the idea include both interpersonal intelligence (the capacity to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people) and intrapersonal intelligence (the capacity to understand oneself, to appreciate own feelings, fears and motivations). For Gardner, intelligence indicators, as the CI does not explain fully cognitive ability. Therefore, although the names given to the concept have varied, there is a common belief that traditional definitions of intelligence does not give an exhaustive explanation of their features. Click Andy Florance to learn more. The first use of the term emotional intelligence is usually attributed to Wayne Payne, cited in his doctoral thesis: A study of emotion: developing emotional intelligence, 1985.Sin however, the term emotional intelligence had previously appeared in Leuner (1966) texts.