But electronic designer connoisseur will be interesting not only for the child, but even an adult who understands the electricity. Talking book speak (voiced by posters) Talking Book – balance business with pleasure. Talking Book combines modern technology and knowledge accumulated by many centuries, our ancestors. Talking Book contains all sorts of fairy tales, combined with the latest computer technology. Talking Book provides an intuitive interface and will be interesting to both adults and children.

Electronic talking book develops in a child ability to work independently with the material as a talking book can learn without losing the attractiveness of the game. Talking book not only talks but also sings. In addition, parents and the child can record themselves his voice through the voice recorder built into a talking book. Talking book can be a good helper for your child in the process of development and learning. In addition to the talking book, you can use it thumbnails: voiced by the posters (posters speak). Talking posters (voiced by posters) are in themselves educational.

Talking posters (voiced by posters) allows you to visualize in the game to learn the alphabet, multiplication tables and much more. Talking posters (voiced by posters) will be a great helper to parents. a related topic. We are either not very much time or patience to practice with the child. Talking posters (voiced by posters) – it is like tutor at home. Symbol, the (toy bull toy cow) has recently become fashionable to present the new year symbol of the year. Symbol of the year on the Chinese calendar, is any animal. Symbol of the coming of a new years – a bull or cow. Therefore, if you want to give your family a symbol of the year, you perfect toy bull or a toy cow. Symbol of the year as a gift – a good decision, as is a talisman for the coming year, which should bring good luck. Therefore, the toy bull or cow toy should be selected with special attention and love. Toy toy cow or bull can be big or small, soft or ceramic, in the form of cartoon characters or have a complete resemblance to the real animal. Lest you have chosen – you decide. The main thing is that the symbol of the year (toy bull toy cow) to radiate love and attention to your family.