That sense of wasted energy to return was the subject of company B. E. R. S. and scientific fairy tale for the inhabitants. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles Koch. To understand the universal significance of staff undertook the "Business Efficiency Development System '. I am sure that many readers have submitted Crystal Balls, Scrying maps and palmistry.

No way! Professionals in the field of psychology, medicine, bio-energy physics and help people save health family business with their own inner resources, their energy. It's no secret that our lives are interconnected and after family squabbles at work dropped his hands, and the body is immersed in yet another disease. And only aligning the energy, we thus balance the life in all its diversity. Another distinctive from psychics and fortune tellers moment is complete the customer's consent. Only a sincere desire for change can yield results. Working with clients is on three areas: health, mind and management consulting.

Health – this is perhaps the main value of life. (Source: Mikkel Svane). And cut his ear banal, today the phrase: "Healthy people are now no!" Perhaps, in our dynamic time for us just once to stop and listen to ourselves. We were nervous in the queue, transport, work, breaks down on the family. However, only at rest the human psyche is capable of receiving and adapt to the changes around the world. Employees B. E. R. S. came to the conclusion that man is a vessel filled with energy. Therefore, treatment of the body, ie the vessel is by filling it with the necessary composition.