Later, responding to all collapse of public consciousness the sphere of education, but when the updated knowledge and ideals come into school and university textbooks – the crisis stage of the spiritual sphere can be considered largely complete. Consequently, the process change begins with the civilizations of the lower and upper floors of the pyramid, with the crisis and the needs of the spiritual world, stems from the subjective factor. But he can not be realized until there will be a radical change in technological and economic modes of production, socio-political system. The technological base of society has the greatest inertia. This is not surprising: the creation of technological systems (Construction of factories, buildings, communications, design, manufacture and operation of machinery, natural resources) are invested huge amounts of money that should pay off.

Inventions are thorough check on the reality and efficacy before they are embodied in the new technological system. You need to modify the production infrastructure, retrain workers, to replace outdated machines, introduce more effective forms of organizing production. The restructuring of the technological base is associated with reduced production, underload and replacement of obsolete production facilities, radical renewal of fixed assets. Technological revolution and the crisis – are indispensable elements of the mechanism changing civilizations. And they cover all areas of production and use of technology, gradually spreading from the epicenter to the periphery of the coup. First, there is a transition, a hybrid technological system that includes elements of both old and new technological methods of production. Only in the next step formed way that fully adequate technological basis of a new civilization. Framework of transition in technology are in our time about a half-century period.

Technology is inextricably linked to the economy. Radical changes in technology-based society entails changes in the economic mode of production, which find expression in the restructuring of reproduction. Changing proportions reproduction between different sectors in the crisis is growing share in the consumer sector – by reducing the share of intermediate (raw materials, fuel, energy), military, investment and mining sectors, funds recovery (depreciation) and accumulation. Armed conflicts, however, may again increase the share of the military sector. In phase recovery needs restructuring the technological base required increasing the share of investment and intellectual sectors of the accumulation fund, which facilitated the growth of which began production. The share of the surplus product of the crisis decreases, personal income did not reflect the full value of the desired product, the transferred value of fixed assets (which are a significant part of the drop) is only partially is reflected in depreciation. The next phase, followed by increased efficiency reproduction, increasing the rate of surplus product, which allows increasing the consumption fund, while faster pace to build, to update the production and production on the new technological base. Accordingly, an increasing proportion of the investment industry.