Bell & head design pursues the Internet shop E-business is located in a permanent change in the trend of increasing user friendliness on the Internet through technical progress. More and more possibilities that be done on a user, but also lead to increasing complexity. Parallel to this change is to observe that increasingly older people, who are mostly technically inexperienced, use the Internet. A related site: mentions similar findings. To this new”in the activities of the e-business to include target group, it’s particularly, as easy and simple as possible to make the technical development. So is also Jorg Schollkopf, the business owner of the Internet furniture company JST trading with his newly created online shop on the trend of user friendliness. “The goal of our newly designed furniture stores on the Internet is the customer and potential buyers, quickly get an overview of our wide product range and easy way, facts, data” and can see pictures of favorite products. With just a few clicks, the order is complete and established payment methods and quality Sigel shall ensure that the product reaches the customer quickly and securely.

Also we have placed great emphasis in building our site on visualizations, that guide the user through our site. Instead of crushing texts was set to graphical elements, which allow intuitive operation of the page”, says Jorg Schollkopf, JST trading business owner. “Just so we can guarantee that even the most inexperienced Internet people with our online shop come to right and order products via the Internet is as easy as possible.” About JST – Jorg Schollkopf Trading JST Trading, an international trading company is completely family-owned and based in Bruchsal. Focuses the company on the design aspect. The range of exclusive design furniture for unusual home accessories.