No less important role played by the establishment celluloid as a basis for applying the photosensitive layer. So a coiled coil in the celluloid film, which became known films. In 1887 it released for sale Hannibal Goodwin, and almost the same time with him has developed its own production of the film, George Eastman. The emergence of cinema was preceded by a number of inventions in the field of intermediate technology, photography and projection images. Download movies for free without prescription Thomas Alva Edison not only designed kinetograf (imaging camera) and the peep show (a device for displaying moving images), but also the first guess to use perforated film enabled it to synchronize the movement of the camera. At the beginning of 1894 Edison and its operator, William Kennedy Laurie Dickson filmed his short film-plots. Their first show was held in New York April 14, 1894, but due to the fact that image projected in the body of the peep show, watch these films could only be alone. The first session lasted 15 minutes.

In 1894, Polish inventor Kazimierz Prushinsky designed his machine to record and film screenings – pleograf (after improvements in 1898 was named biopleografom). The main drawback of his cell was too bulky tape drive mechanism. The first camera has emerged as an advanced version of the camera. To its full step-tape drive mechanism allowed to shoot some footage with short intervals and was powered by a first handle, and later – a spring, and in our time – electric. Download movies for free without registering in the first movie camera tape is moved at a speed of fifteen frames per second, distorting the motion of objects taken (standard tape speed – 24 frames per second). At dawn cinema projector functions followed by the same camera, like his brother Louis and Auguste Lumiere were chemists, the sons of photographs mi factory owner in Lyon. matografa recognized date of December 28, 1895, when the first Picture Show is charged to the public. Download movies for free.