Consider this: One night, he says, I’d like to meet you and it certainly doubt because its response takes forever. The re-emphasizes, princess, I want to know. Finally she replied are you sure? A great distance separates us. Not matter, he says I’m ready to go to see. Excited, both set a date, will be a June 28, missing a couple of weeks. The next day early morning runs and acquires an airline ticket, he observes: Date: June 28, Departure Time: 7:50 am, Flight 625; Return: Same date at 9:50 Evening: Flight: 680. The days, the talks continue, have vowed to not be known until that day.

Previously have described how they are physically and they want at the expected time, all these words materialize and that seen in person, all that they said has been true, ever longing to see that lie was present in their previous conversations. Night falls on June 27, he prepares his clothes, can not decide what use is it brand shirt bought last month? Or better long-sleeved shirt is so fond of using? How about this dress pants? Or is it more a jeans? At the end is decided by them. Also He has bought some small gifts: the last album of Cold Play, an etched glass with a poetic phrase that alludes to his imminent encounter, a gold ring with a small stone radiant and clear. That night can not sleep, afraid that you’re running late and miss your flight. The alarm rings at 5:30, starts because the dream had invaded her eyes.