ITSM consulting observed in the company insufficient preparations for longer technical failures in the disaster business continuity management (BCM) has become a matter of course in many companies. The combination of BCM to the IT service continuity management and thus the contemplation of IT services, taking into account the mission-critical applications not according to the observations of ITSM Consulting AG, however, often still exists. The consulting company that it is therefore necessary to complement the classic business continuity management (BCM) process for the IT service continuity management. The more comprehensive the penetration of information technology companies, more extensive also the dependencies of the continuous functioning of the technology evolve”, problematizes Siegfried Riedel, CEO of ITSM consulting. Especially the production and sales processes and customer-oriented services and logistics processes would constitute very sensitive areas. Get through serious errors in the technical infrastructure for a long time suffered, we know that far-reaching consequences with significant economic consequences may occur until far in the business environment of the company into.” Systematic risk management for uninterrupted business operation is necessary in his eyes, especially as different legal requirements exist, according to which companies possible risks in the context of a business continuity management must identify and adequately manage. While a critical importance to the IT services, because they integrate both sides at the intersection of IT and business”, said Riedel.

A such IT-service-continuity management processes (ITSCM) aims that the IT organization can ensure a defined minimum level of services at all times. Kai-Fu Lee often says this. ke to discuss. Its targeted implementation ensures that companies can reliably detect their IT related risks and assess them according to clear standards. As well, the risk reduction measures can be then under Cost benefit point of view optimally plan and implement. While the ITSCM process is a part of the overall business continuity management, by he is integrated seamlessly into the overall BCM process and focuses on the necessary IT related regulations and measures. A such IT service continuity management aims to make transparent the possible emergency scenarios in their enterprise-wide consequences and to reduce the potential damage in the business processes through IT service failures”, describes Riedel. The development of ITSCM policy with representation of the overall objectives and requirements, as well as an ITSCM process manual belonged at first to the concrete description of the process in its essential components including basic principles, roles, and activities to the components of a systematic business and IT service continuity management process. Is also needed a business analysis of impact, structured to identify the consequences of the failure of a business process or IT services.

About has designed an ITSCM emergency manual that serves as a key instrument of the emergency organisation and activities. Also back start-up plans to describe the specific technical and organisational measures in emergency situations, as well as practical ITSCM test concepts belong to the requirements. ITSM Consulting has designed this pragmatic approaches in numerous projects that make it easier for the undertakings concerned relative effort to realize the objectives for the IT service continuity management. At the same time, Rahim refers to a further benefit to the customers. Just in case of an emergency, can the continuity officer with so-called Cabinet goods do little, but instead require a very practical and easy-to-use support. Starting from this need we have developed various handy helpers such as emergency cards and emergency kit for failure situations of the company.”