As a rule, whenever an ancient castle in the Czech Republic there is a hotel that offers a program of Christmas night in a castle with a show representation and participation of actors dressed in national costumes and fantastic heroes of Czech fairy tales. Holiday table is served by Czech national dishes, baked in sea salt, golden carp, knuckle of pork, roast goose, Czech dumplings and cheese. Russian tourists can order dishes to choose from for Russian recipes. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By exclusives Czech dishes include roast venison, wild rabbit and boar. By eating lots of fed all sorts of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Isearch may find this interesting as well. In general, Czech dishes are served, and served on huge plates with huge portions of food, so do not lean on one dish to the evening partake of all the national dishes of the Czech Republic presented.

During the celebrations of the new year held a lot of races and competitions on the ingenuity, agility, strength and ability to have fun. For children animators offer a separate program, and they are constantly engaged with the artists who come up to them, contests, competitions and show magic tricks. Convenience hotel near the castle in the Czech Republic during the meeting and Christmas the new year due to the fact that the New Year and after otgremyat fireworks, children can take a rest in the rooms, and entertain yourself to continue, to participate in the celebration, dance and enjoy historic site with stories about the history of the castle, its inhabitants and legends about ghosts.