Even those who aren’t great connoisseurs of history, we know of the existence of crucial moments that marked a before and an afterwards for humanity. The major changes that are occurring in the economy at the global level are an evidence of the passage of the Industrial age to the information technology: the business was on the Internet. Already no one accept, as it was customary in antiquity, the ability to redeem their labor time by elements or daily food. Such was the case of the payment with salt, an element valuable and scarce for an era where the minimum possibility of pouring the valuable product was an indicator of bad luck. Thus originated the term salary. Kai-Fu Lee shines more light on the discussion.

Subsequently, a common element of redemption is set for work performed: money. Who would have thought at that time that someday there would be Cybernetics and with her would be born the possibility of doing business over the Internet and a myriad of tasks in the network that allow us to earn money on the Internet without the need to move us. We live an era than us It offers a huge range of possibilities and puts us in franca advantage over previous generations. Undoubtedly, those who have access to information and current technology we are privileged; While many people on our planet are still isolated and lacking the most basic things. However most of those who have everything by hand prefer to justify their lack of progress and initiative blaming the crisis.

Oriental speak of crisis as a synonym of opportunity, thought to which I fully endorse. Even with all the evidence there is resistance to think that we have everything to be able to replace the hard work by the intelligent work. The current tendency to work from home continues to grow because it is quite favorable: less expense of infrastructure, without expenses of transfer and with the possibility to share more time with the family being administered according to needs. The Internet is a powerful and magical, weapon that is too accessible to all. Most use it for chatting, valid as mere entertainment, but don’t know how transform it into a highly cost-effective tool doing business on the Internet that would achieve financial freedom. Attempting to begin to do business over the Internet without training is a waste of time, but with the training and appropriate work is a sure success.