CPanel is the web tool most widely used to manage a Hosting, upload files such as photos, videos, create email accounts, manage database, etc. To enter your Cpanel, you’ll need your username and password, you must create yourself or failing that, your hosting provider gives them. Once you have them, you will have to enter from the address bar in the following way:-> (in TUDOMINIO put the name of your domain). Automatically you will appear a window where you will have to add the data of which we have already spoken. Once login with your Username and your Password really your management panel Cpanel ready so that you can start to work.

It is possible that your Cpanel you appear by default in English, then to change it to Spanish language, go to Preferences > Change Language, and Set Language to, within the box we choose our language. Then click on Change. Hare then a summary of the main functions that you can perform in the Cpanel: 1. from the menu Preferences, you can make changes to the template style, change password, change language as we saw for some time, or that create a shortcut to our Cpanel by dragging the figure star shaped yellow towards our work desk. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2.

From the mail menu, you can manage the email accounts you have. The amount of emails that you can create depends on the type of hosting plan that you have purchased. To be able to send and receive emails you can use Webmail, but you’d have to log into your account from harassed and impractical is made be entering and exiting; so it is better to use a mail client like Outolook Express since it is faster to use. Click here to show you how to use Outlook Express as email client. 3. From the file menu, you can manage your website files and create backups to prevent loss of data if you ever needed and you avoid headaches. Also from here you can create FTP clients accounts in order to then manage your web site through an FTP client program. 4 From the menu domains, you can create subdomains and add other domains to the same Cpanel account. You can also control additional domains and subdomains redirects. 5. From the Software/Services menu, you can use the great tool called Fantastico DeLuxe, which lets use self-installing packages of scrips to forums, Blogs, and similar content management systems. The installation of these scripts is simple and you only demoraras 3 min. to how much in doing so. These were the most important functions of Cpanel, with a little practice, the use becomes more intuitive. Luck and success in your projects.