According to some architects, we live in a culture of brick, why we believe that the stone is irreplaceable in the housing construction. However, the system of wooden buildings is the most common and the most propagated around the world, except for our country. We can see how many of its houses made entirely of wood have several centuries old in the Alps. Contact information is here: Pete Cashmore. The secret that these wooden buildings to last so long is that they have a few spoilers on the roof that protects them from inclement weather and erosion. However, the key point that makes them stay is the process from which they are constructed: make a few wooden constructions perfectly isolated from the soil, keeping it away from the usual dampness in the first trunk.

One of the main advantages of the constructions of quality wood is its good thermal and acoustic isolation. In addition, wood constructions are more economic and ecological for many reasons as for the processing of wood needing much less energy, trees used come from controlled logging and wood just creates waste in construction. We can also find furniture made of wood. Urban furniture made of this material has been used especially, and thanks to its warm aspect and its natural beauty, friendly and landscapes such as parks, gardens and green areas of shopping centres and cities. Besides banks and Park chairs, we appreciate other types of street furniture such as playgrounds, one of the products that makes greater use of wood. This type of urban furniture has a lifespan of twenty years time approximately, much higher when compared with the five or eight years of iron, without being affected by corrosion and wear.