"All you can do better than that so far," Henry Ford in Russia Can I find inexpensive but quality equipment for industry? Good question! It requires very detailed and reasoned response. I confident that many managers of these enterprises, plants or heads of science and technology departments often puzzled over this. Therefore, the purpose of this article – to talk about updates in the Russian scientific world and the bright example, to compare them with foreign counterparts (unless, of course, such devices are generally available in the West). There is a myth that foreign equipment is better domestically. Of course, the Russian manufacturers in this case always say one thing: "This is not so! We are in what they do not give in! Can even prove that our product is better and much cheaper. " However, my friends, it's not about the price and not in personal confidence.

Anyone to prove its distinct advantage is not necessary, but you just need to act. The truth is that the best examples of devices made in Russia, in no way inferior to not only the German and Finnish, and Italian counterparts. With the development of a market system, we are faced with such a phenomenon as the fierce competition that has affected all industries. That is why the determining factors in the fight against foreign and domestic competitors have the quality and speed of production. Unfortunately, in our while Russian factories is difficult to reconcile these two factors, so in the industrial market leading foreign companies (for example, Simens – Italy, Liebherr-Germany, Sony – Japan).