The materials to be used in the construction process should be energy efficient with low thermal conductivity. Play an important role base material for walls and ceilings, windows and thermal insulation system at home. Third, the house should be durable and last for the benefit of your family for decades, be resistant to frost and heat, squalls, the spring thaw, etc. Therefore, construction technology and building materials must be durable and tough, if possible – with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Having defined the criteria of our private homes, we can proceed directly to selection of materials that can be found on the market today. The main material.

Modern homes can be brick, wood or skeletal (Canadian technology). Which of these technologies you choose will depend on your preferences and financial possibilities. Typically, homes of brick and wood frame on much more expensive house, which is considered the budget option. If you are facing a choice between the two latter, we suggest pay attention to the brick Poroterm (Porotherm), which is a hollow ceramic blocks for walls and ceilings. The outer walls of the hollow ceramic blocks Poroterm not require additional insulation, since they distinctive characteristic of thermal insulation properties. The secret of thermal insulation bricks Poroterm is a large number of small cavities filled with air, which is obtained by adding a mixture of clay shavings of wood, with brick firing burns. Ceramic blocks Poroterm able to accept as a natural energy from the sun and keep the internal heat in the room.