Different subjects by means of the Dynamic application had been worked with the objective to make use the learning of participativa and integral form, working its socialization inside of the group conviviality and also as a half facilitador of the process of formation of the identity. The circles of debates, project for the future, and questions controversies that had emerged during the work had been situations that had demanded the attention of the project. A weekly meeting was carried through, with duration of 3 hours, during the months of August, September, October and November. In the first meeting an activity was developed, in which it was argued how much and as each one judges the other through the appearances. With the objective to demystify and to unmask the first impact of the appearance, generating of preconceptions. In as the meeting an activity was carried through on importance of the choices and its consequences. In this situation six cases had been presented to the group that approached common subjects of the daily one, these cases evidenced the causes and the consequences of the choices. In dynamic the proposal the young gifts in two groups had been divided: of a side the accusation and the other side the group of the defense.

The objective of this action was to point how much the future is determined by the choices, pointing out the responsibilities. The boarded subjects had been: pregnancy in the adolescence, career and profession, family, honesty, corruption, social commitment, D.S.T and studies. In one of the meeting, a religious film was presented, that it counted life of an adolescent. The objective of this presentation was to provoke identification processes. Later, on the basis of the presented film, was carried through a debate with the group of adolescents that saw the film, and the boarded subjects in this occasion had been: All valley the penalty for a dream? To reach an objective it is necessary: to know, to analizar, to establish action strategies, to have support, to be prepared to face difficulty.