More than 41,000 consultations by phone and in person the majority of people seeking advice has in the telephone care advice turned. The professionals in the telephone counseling have led 33,500 consultations. People accept these new services very well. Especially our telephone care consultation has become an important focal point for the seeking of advice”says Elisabeth Beikirch, Managing Director of COMPASS private care consulting GmbH. Here, a separate client root have developed in the past few months. The insured would consult repeatedly with questions their care consultant on the phone, so Beikirch. I’m sure that the maintenance advice will become an important building block in the supply landscape for those in care and their families.” In the foreground of the care counseling sessions were questions about claims from the duty of care, relief for caregivers, questions about tools and measures for the improvement of the living environment, as well as to the Organization of domestic Care. While three-quarters of the people seeking advice were dependent even members and only a quarter of the clients.

In addition to telephone care consulting COMPASS is set up with about 200 employees nationwide in the regions. The local maintenance consultant conducted more than 8,000 counseling sessions in the first year. People absorb it very positive, getting them home, in the hospital or in a stationary facility”, said Bahadur. Also the coverage will be rewarded from COMPASS. Today, the reality of life of the people looks on the parents in Munich and the children in Berlin and Hamburg. If now a parent care is needed, they can contact a nationwide uniform number and we are the parents in Munich, the children in Hamburg and Berlin family to the side, without that they are facing in this maybe already difficult situation with different partners and institutions.”we have in our various discussions both with consumers even but also with multipliers such as physicians, hospital social services, patient organizations, and charities last year repeatedly made the experience that many not yet to the way know to take care advice free of charge”, still a great need for education sees Bahadur”. Here the legislator not least is needed, consumers increased their claim on free care consultation to indicate and to inform about this new service offering in the interest of consumers. With the recent reform of the long-term care insurance, the legislator has laid down a right to free and independent care advice.

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Association of private health insurance e.V. (PKV-Verband) since January 2009 COMPASS private care advice and care advice for all private insured 200 care consultants and nursing consultants nationwide. 16 staff are the people seeking advice in the telephone care advice for questions relating to the maintenance as Contact person available. All seeking advice can contact the telephone care advice. 0800 101 88 00 (toll free service number)