Pliers and pliers have handles with an insulating coating of plastic or pvc. Files Needles, Files is a metal bar with a notch, which is used to work with metal, plastic, wood and other materials. In contrast, the Needles are used for filing of a thin, cleaning surfaces and fitting the parts of small dimensions. Files and Needles come in different shapes: flat, triangular, diamond-shaped, semicircular, and they may need in carrying out plumbing work. For home-use topical buy these tools in the set – it will help to cope with manual handling virtually any material. Hacksaw Despite its name, this beautiful bench tools fit and work with other materials such as plastic.

Hacksaw frame and consists of a replaceable blade. In this canvas tool in several versions – with small teeth and large. The first used for cutting hard metals, the latter are suitable for soft metals and plastics. Over time, fabrics wear out and require replacement, which is pretty easy to make, buying a set of paintings on the size of the frame. In addition to these major handtools in a kit for home use often includes other – chisels, punch, punch, scriber, wire cutters. However, before you empty the shelves of specialized shops, think about what you required, and without which you can do. For example, a torque wrench – a tool useful and even indispensable in certain field of activity, but necessary in everyday life it can not be called.

Of course, car owners, loving and knows how to repair their own vehicle, a torque wrench is very useful, but for those who prefer to use the Service to buy this expensive and specific thing not necessarily. And, of course, planning to add to your home plumbing kit tool, try to contact the suppliers are reliable: low-quality products not only help you solve everyday problems, but represent a danger for your own health. For example, poorly collected and recorded by a hammer, bought with it to the nearest market or cheap screwdriver can cause injury. The problem of selecting a good supplier plumbing tool is relevant for both end users and for specialized outlets. Company Cyberport offers only high quality tools and equipment from leading manufacturers in the world. Cooperating with it, you will find a reliable, trusted provider of nineteen-year experience on the Russian market.