One of the essential aspects of begin to see to another, the person loved, so far from our ideal and distant from what was our initial image is our inability to accept in ourselves something of what we so vehemently criticize the other. The mirror returns us an image worthy of being loved and true of us, our true essence. Not perfect, true. In love is where trascedemos our ego and offer the best of ourselves. By refusing or not leaving surge from within us our rejected aspects is where we lose energy and where did not find true love.

The energy that is used to keep an idealized image of ourselves, free from these defects the other exhibits openly is very large. When they begin the criticisms and judgments we cultivate the heartbreak, then mirror shows us the worst of us, precisely what against which fight and by what we hate ourselves and the mirror. Stay with your partner does not save us from anything, many people seek partner as a remedy to their problems of its social recognition, CoDependency and need to tip in the other responsible for your happiness. Many believe that a relationship is going to resolve anxieties that they live, palliate his boredom and find meaning to his life. Perhaps they expect a couple bring their holes, those they do not know fill or find themselves.

Obviously when it is elected a couple with these expectations end disillusioned since the person contributes not expected. The proposal would be to first solve the problems within the self, to later move to resolve the relationship with the partner, or pass to enjoy the stage of growth with your partner after having overcome personal growth first. It is not question of resolve life to another, but to try to draw a project in which the satisfaction of expectations of both have accommodated, whether it is to have fun, grow, evolve, and share the rest of life, while retaining the independence of each.