In order to ensure excellent quality of China's roads and highways, rather prevesti just a few hours on the territory of the People's. Even the northern border with Russia Chinese provinces differ-developed road network of excellent quality. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. Moreover, the construction of new roads throughout the prc (and in the northern provinces, in particular) is constantly. The last major news was the large-scale building broadband lines Heihe – Tszyain (114.4 km) and Suybin – Tszyain (103 km) along the Sino-Russian border, as well as a number of roads of the second class: Baotsin – Mishan (97,7 km), Fuyuan – o.Heysyatszy ( 36.6 km) and Hutou – Ulindun (73,1 km). Opening of new roads in the border areas is scheduled for October 1, 2010 under construction in China's road for their outstanding quality. Despite the harsh climate of Heilongjiang Province, an appropriate climate of Territory of the Russian Federation, covering road withstand sudden changes in temperature and maintains its performance characteristics.

State investment and private investors in development of road network effectively develop certain areas of the country, to provide industrial and economic zones, to develop tourism. Industry of China provides a large-scale road construction, producing a wide range of modern asphalt plants. Product Range asphalt plant from China has a broad spectrum of performance, from 60 to 320 tons per hour, mobility (the plant can be quickly collapsed, was transported to a new location and is deployed in a short period of time). As a rule, similar products produced by large manufacturers, and is focused not only on the domestic market but also for export.