It is necessary that the management be aware of how he acts when employees want to say something, surprised in their reactions, emotions, behavior, consider the following points: To promote good relationship between supervisor and employee and encourage employees to contribute solutions put forward their concerns, ideas, discover their own solutions. Paying attention to the person, encourage them to express their ideas, collaborate with them. Rosembaun adds, that the art of active listening is a specific technical and policy conduct and should meet three steps in the process of listening. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pete Cashmore has to say. Acceptance that is, the supervisor listens without interrupting and not formed any opinion clarification. The supervisor captures the sentiment of the employee and understand why you feel this way feedback, the supervisor analyzes what the employee thinks and feels well. However, Rosenbaum notes, comply with all parts of the process, it is difficult in practice especially in emotional situations.

However, the process of listening is an active process rather than passive, hence, the term active listening No doubt, that the active listening is a great help for good management and fairly adds us about it, that active listening is a special way of responding, in which he aims to help communicate a general understanding of the thoughts and feelings expressed. We need to try to hear what is being said standing at the point of view of someone else. It is noted that we really listening when: We really try to understand what the other person says, but speak with difficulty and tacking phrases that seem to have much sense. * We understand the other’s point of view even if goes against our deepest convictions. * We realize that the time we devote to other’s problems has worn us too. * We let the other make their own decisions with dignity, even when we think may be wrong. * No we are getting the problem back to the other person, but we leave that determination in the way you want ..

* Do not offer religious consolation to the other person because we realize that is not ready or is not what you are looking for. * We give the other person enough space to realize for themselves what is going wrong. * We accept the gratitude of the other person and tell us how well we know that when I needed help There are some managers of the importance, scope and impact generated by listening, still wonder why this is useful. In the reply which stated, is simple: to accomplish much of what we need the support of others. To win their support we need to develop leadership over them, and to have that influence need to know and know what motivates them, and this is achieved by listening. It is also a courtesy that makes us friends, and allows us to prevent and anticipate the most appropriate way of dealing with conflict and difficult people. Feeling heard, people are relaxed open and show us their inner world, their beliefs and values. All men are wise, some earlier, others later.