How to sell elephants say the Internet can sell even the elephant. Rightly say, often holding back only about one thing – to sell the elephant can be, but whether it can actually buy? Let’s look at the process such sale, which is very prevalent today on the Internet. So, it seems obvious that the elephant for sale we actually need very elephant, well, it at least. But I dare say that the elephant actually We do not need. We need only to convince the buyer is that, the animal that we sell it, this is the elephant, and moreover, to convince the buyer that our bishop is the “slonyachy” elephant well, if not all over the Internet as a whole, already in Webcams exactly “slonyachey” our elephant there.

Unfortunately, this practice is now very widespread in the Internet in the so-called “e-commerce.” Phrase these things as hypnosis acts on layman and “elephants” spread with extraordinary speed. And what are the names of these elephants – cyber products and cyber-packages – such as the 100 secrets to become rich. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kam VedBrat. ” Tell me, what sane man in the sober mind and clear memory, will sell their secrets for $ 10? Does a successful Internet entrepreneur will tell all their secrets of successful Internet business? You would have sold their goose that lays golden eggs for $ 10 to all who are not getting? And if even in a nightmare of a return, whether all the secrets you would have opened for “public use” or be concealed about the most intimate and profitable? So what is sold under the guise of our elephants? A sold so-called experience, which is essentially a business now, no! Well, they do not have their info-products, except the info products to create info-products! Few of their designs and produces its own unique products, such as manual climber or tips on crochet, knowing that such products are unlikely to demand a broad and inclusive, and a lot of this will not work. What do you think, how many climbers on the Internet? And fans of crochet? But here “How to make millions in the network” will be equally claimed by both climbers and amateurs alike to crochet. And elephants will diverge from hand to hand like a virus.

All this is not new. Another e-commerce guru Terry Dean wrote: I had to meet the newcomers has written a book about how to earn online millions, and then came to me with the question of how to sell what they wrote. I also saw people who compose courses and other information Products on copywriting, though they have not written in my entire life no advertising text. Unfortunately, today’s Russian-language networks such occurs often. Finish the first article of this column, I want to joke – ‘The conversation between doctor and patient: Patient: – Doctor, tell me, this herb is that you always sell me … It really helps? Doctor: – Oh, of course! I’ve already bought her son a car and now her daughter home being finished … ‘ To be continued … Andrew Chernyshov.