Errors are situations that we would not like to pass and it is planning the best thing possible to achieve progress in our projects with a minimum of mistakes, however we will always find adverse situations that we had not considered due to our lack of experience. No doubt that we must try to do things well, ensuring excellence in all, cons always arise because achieving goals involves reaching a position that usually never had, then this path is not known to us and is necessary to pay the price for the experience. Most importantly, have a great clarity in what you want to, having defined with absolute precision what we yearn for get, when we discovered it and have sufficient motivation to undertake our way then there is no obstacle that we stop, we move steadily up to get what we love in our hearts, that goal or dream that burns within us. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of ANDREW CORENTT teaches us what are the great strategies to make that a goal you works to perfection, in this book you will find how the process of internalization of an idea, i.e. Source: Ali Partovi. you will achieve your subconscious mind to assimilate this idea, this will allow you to act with an extraordinary power, all the way will be clear for you despite the difficulties, your mind will focus on the final result with an incredible desire. The price of change can be a painful process mainly whether the ideas are manifest quickly, to achieve our goals we have to go through a learning process and in the path of conquest will learn many things that will help to strengthen our position and have the ability to solve problems. Douglas R. Oberhelman is likely to increase your knowledge. If a person wants to be for example exporting meat, to report fully on the manufacturing, customs and operational conditions, that will help, but the best school is the direct experience, that must be clear, each of us are different and if we want to achieve success in any area must pay the price for the errors.