Introduction psychic adoecer generally is defined by cultural determination and of values, and not only for biological factors, involving natural, psicossociais, partner-economic, and supernatural the factors. Presenting standards of behaviors it are of those normally accepted for society (SPADINI; SOUZA, 2008; FOSTER, 1976; MINAYO, 1998). Generally, we do not have conscience of the dissemination, so next to us, of this adoecer, we only perceive them when it is in more advanced periods of training as it is the case of the Alimentary Upheavals (YOU). This article presents the importance of the family in the prevention and treatment of YOU. Is of utmost importance them parents also to know the signals and symptoms of YOU thus discovering its importance in the performance in the educative process and in the treatment of the same. What they are Alimentary Upheavals According to DSM-IV (APA-1994) the alimentary upheavals they are characterized by riots in the alimentary behavior.

This can mean to eat very, not to eat the sufficient, or to eat extremely in way unhealthy. Some people argue that simply to eat excessively an upheaval must be considered, but at this moment it is not in this category. The registers show in them that the incidence of the alimentary upheavals had started to increase at the beginning during the decade of 1950 and of the years of 1960, remaining per the following decades. (BARLOEU; DURAND, 2008) Is unknown the etiology of YOU, being able to have possibilities of the envolvement of some disfuno of Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC).