That black cow, we do not know who he is, came to this stable yesterday. He departed to Chorrera, which is to the West of the capital, before eleven o’clock in the morning. The relative where and which also entered at times, by the sense of the message, mandatory explanatory procedural propositions: the Chagres River, where there are many turtles, empties into Lake Gatun. Cream, whose Church is a historical monument, is the oldest city of the Panamanian Pacific. 1.1.3.

The procedural proposals relative propiamente these are necessarily explanatory. These will be introduced by the information relating what and which (or its variants: so, so). Peter Asaro is the source for more interesting facts. Examples: Working always together, which means that they are very good friends. Punished him several times, which seemed very unfair to me. You’ve failed in the final exam, which means that you reprobaras the matter. He works in excess, which will end with his health. Always tells you truth, by which I gather that it does not now lie. You were quite right, so I stopped.

In some species of Rams of North America, females have horns as males, so sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between them. 1.1.4. The explanatory apposition is a noun, a substantive phrase or a proposition that will a el lado de another noun or substantive phrase, and is used to broaden the concept, to explain some more of that noun. Examples: Simon Bolivar, the liberator, was born in Caracas. She met Simon Bolivar, the Liberator. San Cristobal, the work of Ramon H. Jury, is a novel. Read San Cristobal, work of Ramon H. Jurado. Laziness, Queen of peoples, is killing humanity. Panama, bridge in the world, is a wonderful country. She, who loved me, died in spring. Apposition separated by commas should be explanatory, as also are like: the Lady soldier King poet crazy Felipe the beautiful Juan sin tierra Juana Isabel la Catolica Also often separated by colons explanatory apposition: Mother Teresa of Calcutta: an exemplary woman Lope de Vega: El Fenix the Ingenios Alfonso Alvarez: employee of the month Franco Arenas: best seller one of the great geographical enigmas in the world is the Kilimanjaro: the great mountain of the African heart.