However, do not save on the index of the rate, lowering it below recommended (especially when buying cheap winter tires) – known as “better safe than sorry “. Flight characteristics. This is a series of consumer quality tires, which most fully realized when used tires in temperatures above + 7 C. (O Rubicone 7C – here). Traction on dry. This indicator measures the brake or tire grip when driving on dry hard surface.

This option depends on: the mixture of rubber, the contact area rubber to the road (closed design), the stability of the contact form (depending on the design of tires). The best way to evaluate this option – to examine the results of objective tests of braking tires, published reputable automotive publications. Grip in the wet. Determined by the efficiency of braking on a wet hard surface. Depends on the presence in the tread compound of special additives, the presence of additional edges of adhesion (lamellae), the stability of the contact form. Objective tests – the best way to evaluate this option. Manageability. Manageability – This property bus driver to follow a given trajectory Car, informative steering reactions.

This parameter affects the shape of the tread pattern rigidity of the central zone and the shoulder elements of rubber. For the motion in the rotation, the stability is particularly important form of spots contact, depending on the design of the tire carcass and the presence of reinforcing fibers-breakers. Traditional solution to improve manageability is the tread pattern with a solid central rib and the “closed” shoulder blocks.