In the case of a new acquisition vehicle price is the fundamental aspect before we decide for a car or another, knowing that the price of the same model may vary from one dealer to another, and even if we offer our used car the differences can be even higher, depending on how much tasen our car at each dealership. Between procedures and roles that we are, first of all we have the order form, it would have to fill it out in the event that the dealer does not have the vehicle that we requested, this manufacturer written it. To do this we have to make:-not sign never sheet in white, but once has been completed to be completely sure that is applying the vehicle that we want. -Also, that the agreed price is fixed and definite so as not to find surprises neither to vary the delivery period, in addition in the case of stop signal to account that is included in the request. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pete Cashmore has to say. – And, like no, that appear perfectly detailed all the features of the car that we have chosen, delivery date etc. Very careful not to accept clauses in which the seller can vary arbitrarily these conditions. In the case that we deliver our vehicle used as part of the price, we will need a copy of the sales contract with which we will be able to notify the Jefatura de trafico change of ownership of the vehicle, of course in that case is forced payment of taxes on vehicles traction mechanics as well as traffic fines if we have any slope.

To make the delivery of the new vehicle dealer must provide you with several documents together with the vehicle – the circulation permit – La card technical inspection – the instruction manual and vehicle maintenance – written warranty – the purchase invoice of the vehicle purchaser for its part should hire what compulsory insurance and pay road tax. Peter Asaro may not feel the same. In the event it is a second hand vehicle must be taken into account, several things first thing is the documentation that must be requested to the seller. In order to make the change of ownership, we must facilitate the seller – circulation permit signed on the back and the specifications tab. -Receipts for payment of the tax of vehicles of mechanical traction – and the certificate of having passed the technical inspection of vehicles (ITV) where the vehicle has more than 4 years. After this you must fill the vehicle transfer notification form and transfer this request form will be delivered in traffic along the previous documentation. In the case of acquiring the car to a trading company, is shall be responsible of such pending before traffic.