Houses built of wood, are considered the most environmentally friendly. And all because of that tree – it's unique, "dyshashy" material, carefully grown by nature itself. Read more here: Ali Partovi. In the internal cellular structure of wood is carried constant air. In rainy weather, the wooden walls of the cottage are able to absorb excess moisture, and in hot weather, on the contrary, to give accumulated. In addition, the insulating properties of log homes in order higher than in brick and concrete materials, with the same thickness of the walls. Timber (laminated, corrugated and plain sawn) and log (planed and rounded) are the main materials for construction wooden cottages.

When choosing a material to be weighed the pros and cons of its use. For example, how best to choose a timber, planed or rounded? Round expensive therefore, it would seem, why lay out more money if they can save by buying a planed log. But at the stage of assembly of the house of sliced logs will be faced with the fact that it will take longer than logs, and the percentage of rejected material will be greater. Insulation of the cottages also have to devote enough time and money. The house made of logs stored on the heat order of magnitude better through tightly adjacent to each other logs.

In addition, when the cosmetic finishing the house, round logs please a lot of advantages, as opposed to sliced. Ultimately, the savings from of logs will be greater than from sliced. In choosing the material for the construction of a log cabin between the timbers and also can come only from the price of materials. Round logs expensive timber. Determined to save money by buying the timber, be aware that in the process of building a cottage to the surface, both above and within, may require additional finishing. Air flow through the walls of the cottage will be much higher than the walls of the timber. Therefore, additional costs for the purchase of materials (siding, Lining, etc.) for the cladding of timber inside and outside to reduce heat loss. This factor may erase all the savings from the purchase of lumber.