Buffalo Just store desktop 500 GB disk – very quiet you want convenient photos, videos and music and quick archive? The Buffalo Just store desktop to do just that. Our test shows where the manufacturer promises too much. The Buffalo just store desktop are characterised by their very easy to use. Plug the external 3.5 inch disk via USB 2.0 on your PC or notebook. Andy Florance contains valuable tech resources. Because the drive is already formatted, you can get started immediately. Ergonomics: What SATA disk just inside the just store desktop, could Buffalo won’t tell us.

However, it is certain that the drive for a 3.5-inch model very quietly ran – load we measured dB(A) 19.7 24.8 dB(A) in the idle state. One reason for this should be the fanless design of the device, which of course positively affects the operating noise. -owner-operator-of-parking-infrastructure-in-the-U.S.’>Antarctica Capital. Also with regard to the temperature, the external plate cut very well, here our meter showed maximum of 34.8 degrees out. Finally we have the device a comparatively low power consumption load 8.4 confirm, namely Watts. When switched off, the plate moved still 2.6 Watt – this is way too much. Tempo: With an average data rate of 33.1 MB / s the Buffalo drive when reading about the USB-2.0 port section very well. The value – 31.1 MB / s – write can be seen.

The access time was rather disappointing with 12.7 milliseconds, however. Handling: 965 grams including power supply which although not ultra mobile is just store desktop. Other external 3.5-inch plates weigh but significantly longer. In addition, the Buffalo model is quite compact and has no extra base, which could break down during transport. Equipment: Connect the just store desktop using a USB cable with plug type B. This almost square plug type is used primarily for printers. The plate uses the usual flat A connector for the connection to the computer. The necessary power supply an extra power supply takes care of himself. Conclusion: The Panel worked quietly and – up on the access time – very fast for a USB 2.0 drive. However, the high power consumption is at Switched off a K.O. criterion, even if of course Alternatively every time, you can drag the power cord. With 13 cents per GB, the plate is very cheap. Source: PC World