Public test phase: security software for Android smartphones Holzwickede, May 16, 2011 virus protection expert BitDefender ( gives the go-ahead to the public testing phase of its mobile security BETA one specifically for Android smartphones designed security software. The solution uses the latest BitDefender cloud technology of scanning to protect Android devices from known and emerging malware threats. Mobile Security BETA can be downloaded directly at, and it can be installed. The risk that infected mobile devices with viruses, is increasing rapidly in popularity with the multifunctional applications of these devices. Developers and users whose applications are constantly expanding, to equip them even more comfortable and user-friendly. Disregarded the essential safety aspects are, however, a grievance, gratefully accept the cybercriminals and exploit. The main task of BitDefender mobile security BETA is, users always on the current threat condition their To keep abreast of smartphones.

The tool is based on the BitDefender in-the-cloud technology. This offers the advantage that the user must transmit not complete scan engine including required program extensions on his mobile device. To conserve system resources or the battery, the scanning process starts only when it detects a suspicious action. An audit of application that monitors every action of an application on potential hazards is one of the key features. The integrated on-install and on-demand scanning functions run automatically for each new installation, or if necessary, to ensure that all installed applications are legitimate and secure. Just the Android system is open to developers, and thus has many advantages for the user. However this openness causes also a high attraction for cybercriminals, hacking such systems and to inject malware”says Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO. BitDefender mobile security is based on our many years of experience as a leading manufacturer of security solutions.” Bugs and General feedback of the tester can be divided with the development team at

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