Damage to the bike through the current winter dampness can be reduced. In the new bicycle garage round & ensure the wheel is dry and safe and the bike looks also still good bikes are used often throughout the year. Even high-quality bicycles through the permanent moisture suffer in winter. Expensive damage can be avoided, if it will be dry. Bicycle garage are the right place, so the bike can be easily turned off and it is at the same time ensure. “The new bicycle garage round & safe” in addition still attractive looks. The advantages of a bicycle garage are particularly evident in the winter.

The aspect of a bike garage, which applies throughout the year is the protection against theft and vandalism. In the current wet cold winter, the dry place is also added. The bike is safe in the garage for bicycles and will not get wet in bad weather. Alina de Almeida is full of insight into the issues. Standing outside in the snow and rain bikes extremely suffer from the current weather. Dutch Shell is full of insight into the issues. The salt of roads aggravated the problem. Already After a few weeks, the damage to the bicycle are clear. Even with high-quality bicycles, the circuits, the brakes and the chain of the permanent moisture will be attacked. They rust and they wear out much faster than when the bike would be dry.

Laborious hauling of a bike from the cellar or the bodies in the home is not always an alternative. More and more cyclists turn off your bike in a garage for bicycles. So a bike garage is usually made of metal, and can be used all year round. It will be the best outside the entrance of the House or in the yard, so that the bike can be reached quickly. In the bike garage, it is protected for one before bad weather, theft and vandalism. On the other hand, so a bike garage is pretty convenient, as must be opened the door, pushed the bike inside, and the door locked. Faster, easier, and more secure can be, hardly a bicycle. Market the bicycle garage has revived noticeably in the last two years. Helped also the boom on the heavier electric bicycles. The previous bike garages were often angular, partially made of concrete. Even if they were useful, they do not always nice looked like. Now, various manufacturers have submitted new designs. “The bike round & secure” it boasts a particularly successful design. It has a barrel and by cross braces lighter and slimmer than a sharp-edged bike garage. You fit it before each House type and is a beautiful accent in the garden. Delivered, she is fully assembled, so that the bicycle can be parked after mounting the bicycle garage with underground immediately safe and comfortable. The material of the bicycle garage and the processing are of high quality, even after years and in continuous use it remains fully functional. In a garage for bicycles, the bicycle is at night safe from theft and vandalism, and certainly no bad weather can have on some bicycle. So the bike will be spared. Damage to him occur rarely and are not so serious and it can be a total longer be used. “The photos to the bicycle garage round & secure” and more information is available on the website