The Recaland GmbH expands your product catalog coilovers of brand of Autotechnics German TuV standards produced. The quality of the springs in the manufacturing process monitored 24 hours a day to meet even the most stringent standards. The coilovers and springs are phosphated to prevent that rust infestation. Thus suspensions of Autotechnics brand in your life are very high quality. The entire process, from the development of the Coilover suspensions over the production to the sale happens according to ISO-norm 9001:2000 coilovers Autotechnics coilovers can be adjusted in height. Raising or lowering of the vehicle between 20 and 60 mm is this possible. Search can aid you in your search for knowledge.

So you get the possibility of individual with a Coilover suspension your vehicle needs to adjust. Thus, you can customize balance, ground clearance, brake and roll to your requirements. Coilover suspension of Autotechnics have a specially designed external thread and is easy to adjust for the uninitiated. So you get with our Threaded chassis a suspension system that will meet all of your performance and quality standards. The complete system offers aluminium components, a dust reduction system, and elastomers stops. Lowering springs of Autotechnics lowering springs of Autotechnics while the standard usually comfort emphasis bogies on the factor, so are the successful compromise between comfort and sportiness. Thus, a moderate lowering is achieved in sum for the driver with a sporty touch. The lowering springs can be adjusted but are between 20 and 60 mm adjusted in your vote.

Also miss an aggressive look to your vehicle, lower the Centre of gravity and streamline the driving behaviour. Sport shock absorbers Autotechnics sport shock absorbers with shortened piston rod of Autotechnics Company revealed an even sportier driving experience. Here too, the Autotechnics laid engineers and a perfect compromise between Sportiness and comfort. Sport suspensions Autotechnics sport shock absorbers and lowering springs in a complete set. The best compromise between cost and quality. The chassis are permanently developed further and are available for almost all popular car makes and models. Company Description coilovers and sport exhaust specialist from Duisburg. Company contact: Raceland GmbH peer lip Reiner Street 29 47166 Duisburg Tel: 02033480879 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Raceland GmbH peer lip Reiner Street 29 47166 Duisburg Tel: 02033480879 E-Mail: Web: