The best way to take advantage of credit cards is to make maximum use of the grace period offered by the cards. That is the grace period? It is a period in which interests, are not paid that elapses from the moment in which you make a purchase so far is loaded such purchase in your account. This grace period is usually have a duration of between 30 days up to 90 days. How would it work the grace period? You buy for example the 1st day of a month, and would not be load in your account up to completed purchase 2? month, is as if you get a 2 months free financing. What does it mean in terms of use of the card? Normally this benefit applies only to purchases made with the card. I.e.

no official for cash withdrawals from ATMs. In these cases, the interests would apply from the time of the withdrawal of the money. Another condition is that you pay for all purchases made during the period as a whole. If he postpones payment should that pay interest. How can I know what charges are included in the grace period? The best way to know what charges are included in you grace period is to read the small print of the card agreement. More tips how to apply on line credit cards.