If someone would make us this question is almost certainly reply that were big brands like o. But we are somewhat removed from reality. The first computer "portable" so devised and named Osborne 1 (It has no connection with our bull) was integrated into a plastic bag and weighed 11 kg, and had two 5.25 and 184 kB each capacity . Likewise, had a monitor, keyboard training, RS232 and IEEE488 ports and operating system CP / M. A related site: Peter Asaro mentions similar findings. The computer was delivered with a software package created by Microsoft CBASIC, WordStar (word processor), SuperCalc (spreadsheet), MailMerge (email program) and dBase II (database). Is also true that it contained battery which had to be plugged into the nearest outlet. This computer was sold with great success in 1982 but the next model the "Osborne Executive" arrived late because IBM already started with more strength and began to corner the market. In fact, the huge stock that came with the Osbornes-1, which could not be sold as customers awaited the new Executive, was the cause of the collapse of the company and in 1983 had to default.

From this moment was created urban legend called the "Osborne effect" that is that when a company announces it is working on larger models, which at that time is on the street, there is an immediate halt to sales . Apparently the big mistake of Adam Osborne, was just announced with fanfare the Executive and weigh the virtues and improvements of the new model on the previous. However, other sources say that the bankruptcy of this company, not so much due to this marketing error, but the fact of trying to save costs by reusing the plates of the Osborne 1 and spent many dollars in a plastic mold to make the "suitcase" of the new model. Anyway, it is always interesting to figure out "where we come from" and No you? .