As we arrive here or on the crises of century XXI the human being is completely different of the excessively existing and living ones. We know that the activity human being if differentiates of those carried through by the animals. We know that the human being possesss a distinct system of communication of the animals and that it is only capable to work. We know that all alive being interacts with the environment, but that the man is only capable of, conscientiously, to transform the environment, therefore the man is only a diligent being. In reason of this we say that he is for the work that the man produces culture and, this yes, is one of the main elements differentiators of the man in relation to the excessively living ones. But this being, worker and producer of culture, tremendously produced a world complex that is running away to the control. Having this gift, we can asking in them, as was born the current world? How the humanity arrived where is? The current world, the point of view of traditional history is called Age Contemporary, subsequent to the Modern Age that succeeded the Average Age. But this does not characterize nor it explains the origins of the current world.

Today it is said in Modernidade or Posmodernidade, but these are only alternative names to the traditional ones and also they do not explain our world. If to want to understand our world, or as we arrive at this period of training, need to have gift that the current world results of cultural transformations, that follow the human being since its origin. Transformations that if they had accented from the Renaissance. The current dramas, therefore, are born in the Renaissance. What it was the Renaissance? A moment where the humanity ' ' it passed limpo' ' the values norteadores of the originary social relations of the Average Age and placed the bases for the revolutions that if had occurred: in the politics, in the economy and the technology.