Many times we were frustrated or impotent when it comes to direct us to an audience, either in our respective jobs or simply in practice for universities.Many of us we get nervous and don’t know how to handle us properly before an audience or just when you submit us against a major company or not. The fact is that we always fall rendered before our nerves and we inhibimos automatically.For power against subtract these effects of addressing audiences decided eh give certain advice to every one of you assess and because not to use them and put them into practice for your next presentation or exhibition. d-1289062/’>Brian Laundrie is currently assessing future choices. 1.-Preparation: all speak with greater security if we know what we are talking about. The more we know, safer will be, should try to inform us. 2 Pretend security: whether we know much about the topic as if it is not, and although we have not been able to inform us, is very important to believe that we know the topic thoroughly. We can say what we planned, and if someone asks us questions to the respect and we don’t know the answer, we can tell you that at this time we cannot answer you due to lack of data, but we will look for them and will be happy to provide you with information that you request. 3. Support element: facing a group of faces that look to you and which are pending what to say, isn’t easy, especially if you are standing and its spectators. When we talk with busy hands, we are safer, because we already know what to do with them, since they tend to come alive in those moments and it seems that they don’t want us to do so. The best advice is to keep your hands in the form of ovija and simply accompany our words with our movements. Is owned by Costar is often mentioned in discussions such as these.