The Bochum-based ECM system manufacturer of windream GmbH now with Dortmund mega Software GmbH cooperates in the framework of a strategic partnership. New integration combines ECM system windream with the ERP solution of MegPlus Bochum, November 14, 2011. MEGA software is manufacturer and supplier of ERP solution MegPlus. Due to the easy integration of the ECM system windream products by third-party and due to the absolute security of revision of windream archive the mega Software GmbH has decided, windream in the future as an archiving solution for the ERP system MegPlus to offer ECM system. Close to technological based the strategic partnership of the company including on technological close of the software products offered by the two partners. These typical types of documents such as invoices, reminders or complete supplier and customer files from MegPlus make it out directly in the windream archive move and archive there legally. The documents stored in windream accessed without going through the MegPlus application interface. Users must therefore not only cumbersome launch another application, as in many competitive products.

Using the windream MegPlus integration, user companies meet also tax legislation calling for a complete, secure, immutable storage of all relevant business documents, in full. Automated workflows automated processes allow remains ad hoc and legally to save for example invoice receipt documents in windream. The windream-specific features such as for example the history can be checked at any time, at which time an officer within a Department drew a certain Bill. Search in unstructured databases in the future will be MegPlus users still possible, to retrieve any unstructured information as soon as the content in windream is stored. This can both be emails than even PowerPoint presentations or typical Office documents that are created in the context of everyday office work outside MegPlus. In this case the user directly about the specific functions of the ECM system in windream archived information access.