You create with whirlpool tubs are your own wellness oasis is the advantage of a whirlpool, require no more space than a traditional bathtub. It is sufficient a normal large bathroom to enjoy the luxury of a Jacuzzi bathtub. אילן בן דב is often quoted on this topic. A distinction is made between two integrated systems for the whirlpool tubs. Once the Airsystem, the hydro system and the combined system. Preheated air at the whirlpool tubs with Airsystem flows out of the nozzle and this air serves the massage of your body. Jets that provide an extensive massage pleasure flow from jets of whirlpool tubs with hydro system.

The combined systems whirlpool tubs can apply both systems according to your convenience. If you want air to flow from the nozzle or / and jets of water. Thus, the combined system ensures a perfect bathing pleasure. Whirlpool tubs to meet your individual needs. The whirlpool by pool expert it is bathtubs quality products that are available for a relaxing bathing experience.

On the inside of the Whirlpool tubs are jets, coming through the air or water jets. All whirlpool tubs convince by their high number of jets, which are responsible for a perfect bathing experience. The whirlpool by pool expert are user friendly with a sophisticated control system. If you have more space in your bathroom, as only for a traditional bathtub size, there are also bigger tubs in our shop. Check out whirlpool 2 persons in our shop after a, will surely find it. Thus you need not only enjoy bathing, but share it with your loved ones.