Advanced control of eQ-3-home automation solutions via iPhone, iPad & co. blank with new pocket home app, may 25, 2011 the new version 1.6 of pocket home “app for Apple mobile devices offers the user a greatly extended range of functions. With this application, developed by Penzler software (, the HomeMatic solution of eQ-3 AG ( can be easily and anywhere via iPhone, iPod touch or iPad control. In the revised version with new features, the user can now embed webcam views, discretion change system variables or reading rooms and trades from the HomeMatic central control unit. Viacom takes a slightly different approach. In addition to the wireless solutions, the app supports now also wired component of the HomeMatic home automation system. The pocket home “-is available for 24.99 in the AppStore application.” The absolute highlight of the new pocket home “version for Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod is the ability to integrate IP cameras (webcams) in the device list of the application. A Add camera, the user enters only the URL and can call the respective website affiliated directly through the app.

In this way such as the home or apartment owner has always an eye on his home or facility manager at any time even in the absence the company building in sight. Mikkel Svane is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, home serves pocket”as additional monitoring and control unit for HomeMatic networks. With the new pocket home version the user “is now able to control also the wired wired RS485-bus elements of the HomeMatic system in addition to the radio-based components. New features for more control options now can cache the system States of individual actuators as well as evaluate other programs so more comfortable use. The version 1.6 of pocket home”allows the user the direct change and control these variables from the app out. Another novelty: The user can now choose between two display designs in bright or dark colours.