Today has become common in the computing vocabulary of Spanish-speaking the word Phishing, this is derived from Fisher which in Spanish means fisherman, then Phishing would conceptually be fishing, I am referring to the Spanish-speaking since it is a word derived from the English. In general, Phishing is a type of Social engineering, i.e., a way to persuade or deceive a person to obtain its objective, identity theft. This concept is systematic, one person does not play all existing features in the process of phishing, since once this step comes the evil which we must guard the phishing attack by the Phisher. On a regular basis who steals the identity who is not used to benefit, this sells them who then give you use, that is why I referred to systematic, since several elements constitute the process, first from identity theft and then use the stolen information. There are a lot of ways on how to steal your identity electronic to a person, but in this article we will show the medium used most and how to avoid being victims of some Phisher. The most common Phishing attacks and which we will try in this chapter is almost every day by e-mail, we are victims of this attack through our emails, preferably sending us messages of change of passwords or personal data of some well-known Web or commercial banks, some of the attacks achieved their goals, since they are made by professionals. To avoid becoming a victim have to take into account: do not answer emails that invite us to change personal information.

Check the links in emails that you send us, that these match the corresponding pages. Verify that the pages that you visit are secure Web when they are preferably handled financial entities or other recognized, i.e. which are:. Not clean and jerk by email personal and/or confidential information. Upgrade each software on your PC, especially the related to the safety and navigation. Do not access your bank accounts from public places, eg.

cyber cafe. You should always be alert of any email, may be or take you to a Phishing attack. Here we have a Web link to test our ability to detect a phishing attack, practice: we hope that this information is beneficial for their comprehensive and professional development.