They will be your refuge everytime you need rest, each time that you feel weak and want to regain your strength. Everytime your sensitivity is affected, I will be to protect yourself, to take care of you and especially to respect you. Yes I’ll be I’ll be, I find, I will have very junto a ti cuddling you between my arms, saying the you’re beautiful and that I love you. I give you my hands. With them you will touch, with them I acariciare your face very slowly, I will express my tenderness, all that that you inspire me, all that I would like to give you, all that which my heart accumulates to think you and dream of you. (Similarly see: Robotics expert ). All that which is only yours, only yours I surrender to you, I give myself full, give me full full, so you make me feel, because I am myself when I’m with you, I feel full and know that the dream I have of myself becomes truth, because I am what I wanted to be, reached the clouds as low soil my feet already not I ata, and I can fly like bird in freedom, in the biggest dream. I see you, I see myself, we see in a world of love without limitations, of pure love, loyal love.

We see in many, many scenes of life itself sharing, smiling. A beautiful reality where each respects the other, respects your time, your space and your freedom, yes my love, because I do not attempt to try neither to chaining you my beautiful Angel of light. Ever the manipulation will touch our door, we will never judge us without a right of reply, we will maintain our beautiful communication, you know me and I know you as strong as now. I share your dreams, because to me your ideals are valuable, I want that you reaches and want to be with you when that happens. I share my dreams, because I love close to live with you the happiness of reaching them knowing that you also imported, knowing that my dreams are yours and yours very mine. I surrender, I give me the serene sea of this love no measures or time, this love without selfishness or borders, this love has no barriers, that has made me so immensely happy as warm. My Sun, my beloved and adored Sun. My Knight, my blue sky. How much tea I want! How much I wish!