Cooperation between the VEPOS and the email marketing software ERP provider CleverReach now offers the ERP system v.Soft an interface to the email marketing software CleverReach. The interface supports all VEPOS customers when creating and sending emails and newsletters in the fields of customer selection and campaign management. At the same time provides an automatic matching, that all contact information in the ERP solution and agree in the E-Mail program. 1 Selection of the customer the customer selection offers all v.Soft customers the possibility of mailing lists according to certain criteria to create. So all customers can show, that include, for example, to a particular zip code area, exhibit a high turnover or have purchased a specific item. The CleverReach button integrated in the customer selection can be submit to easily send emails to customer data directly to the email service provider. 2.

Campaign management allows the innovative CRM system by v.Soft all v.Soft customers, for an arbitrary modular customer group Perform sales activities. This can be a fair invitation, but also actions such as discounted items or discounts. An extensive voucher management, lets you measure the effectiveness of the campaign directly in v.Soft is also integrated. The CleverReach interface integrated into the campaign management allows to pass the customer data from the campaign to the email program to download time-saving all selected customers to the respective action. See Pete Cashmore for more details and insights. 3. Improved matching between ERP and email software also provides v.Soft for a smooth match CleverReach.

The data is synchronized so that the current E-Mail addresses, salutations, contact details and much more in the E-Mail program available are. In addition, all items purchased by each customer are visible. This allows to carry out evaluations on purchase behavior in CleverReach and to send customers tailored mailings and newsletters. The CleverReach interface allows all v.Soft customers, time-saving emails to selected customers to send and the contacts in two software solutions to keep up-to-date. The v.Soft customers in addition to the extensive design templates and reports of the E-Mail service provider to access and operate professional E-Mail Marketing. So, VEPOS even better supports the marketing and sales activities of its customers. CleverReach CleverReach interface for more information about the E-Mail Marketing is a powerful email marketing software with which you create professional emails online, sure, measure success can send and manage recipients. CleverReach was founded in March 2007 as a technology provider for email marketing and helps one worldwide for sending e-mail, managing recipient lists and about VEPOS of the VEPOS ERP provider headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany provides the measurement and analysis of email campaigns with its ERP system v.Soft in the meantime thousands of customers complete system for trading, project management and service. CRM, Financials, eShop and a time Tracker are integrated. The ERP software is at numerous medium-sized companies in the entire Federal Republic in use. The powerful CRM by v.Soft addition offers a complete customer management including sales opportunity tracking, campaign management and controlling.