According to the news portal 'Internet News', the number of Trojans this year reached a record high – at 563% increase over the same period last year. The rapid growth in the number of banking trojans – is a consequence of the new malware dynamic. Cyber-crooks no longer need the fame and publicity of epidemics in the media, and now they need a financial profit. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. In this regard, banking trojans – it is a very effective tool since such malicious code designed to steal bank details, account numbers, etc., which are then used to empty the bank accounts of users. Such runaway growth factors detection was caused by the development of PandLabs, and the development of innovative security system called 'Collective Intelligence'. This system is based on collecting information on malware from the Internet community, and ee automatic processing in the new network of data centers.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of banking Trojans, PandLabs recommends: – Install and regularly update an effective security solution, equipped with a proactive technologies such as TruPrevent Technologies from Panda, which detects unknown threats. – Avoid perform unsafe actions, ie Do not open messages from unknown senders, do not click on links in messages e-mail or instant messengers – it is better to manually type them into the search bar of your browser and not download suspicious files to peer networks. – Regularly update installed on your computer to protect themselves from vulnerabilities that penetrate through the malicious code. – Make sure you scan your computer for malicious software with online solutions, such as TotalScan. These utilities have access to more extensive knowledge bases and thus able to detect more malware than the resident solution.