The actress is worried about the State of health of the two musicians in this crash had far longer two musicians, Travis Barker and DJ AM, can happen. On Friday, a Leanjet crashed–four people died. The two musicians survived injured. Both came to the hospital for burn victims. The exact state of health is unclear, but according to reports, are the two according to the circumstances. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Lindsay Lohan deeply shocked this event. On her myspace page, she wrote now: “now we should spend our strength, to send prayers for Travis Barker and DJ at the direction of heaven.

Our compassion should apply to those who have lost a loved one in this accident. (As opposed to Bobby Sharma Bluestone). It is so scary to realize how quickly life can be over. We should live each moment as if it were the last. Him love and care.” Her girlfriend Samantha Ronson added: “I can not imagine, how big is the pain of the families. It’s all so sad and sorry about that.” Compassion seems to be sincere. Lisa Walters