This is given by the rigid imposition of (authoritarian) parental criteria. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. (f) difficulty in the expression of rage: parents and children reveal difficulty in the expression of the rage among them (hiding and/or exploding). (g) lack of interest in socialization of the child: parents deeply concerned by your success or pleasure, leaving it aside (or only in charge of the lullaby, a neighbor or relative). (h) use of punishment without providing adequate alternatives: physical and psychological violence are the preferred tools of education and behavioral control of children (physical punishment or affective blackmail). (i) discredited parents: parental neglect, the lies and manipulations, the lack of real affection, lack of support, etc., ends by discredit parents before the children, those who do not see them as figures of authority and respect (lack of correspondence between words and facts). j) parents that provide inconsistent limits and incongruous attitudes: parents that punish or reward a particular conduct of the child depending on his mood, and they verbalizan their rejection of drugs but they consume alcohol daily arriving at home relax, revealing an attitude of denial before its incongruity. (k) unpredictable and unstable families: families without emotional stability which vary from quiet emotional climates to violent permanently. (l) inhuman and rigid rules: no custom rules and that they are the product of the emotional situation contingent of its members. (m) promotion of a negative self-esteem: product of lack of consideration and affection towards himself, the parents are not able to allow the son wants to be and are respected, and the contrary disqualify him and humiliate. (n) link with the fearful society: due to isolation and enclosure of the family, generates a negative family attitude toward the rest of the society in her putting the guilt of many that overwhelm this same family. Original author and source of the article.