Today we face the dilemma of us dominate by the maelstrom or circumvent it and mark our own agenda. We must never forget that fire is not fought with firearms, the rule impose the opposite neutralizes the adversity. Man exercising these values is a self-confident man, is not a child of circumstances, know what to expect and can do so with the confidence of who has the certainty that the darkness of the night always follows the light of a new day. A safe man is a quiet man; a quiet man finds peace in the waiting. 6.

The company along the way is done by adding to patience and piety. This last value and which followed established the social character that man has. Piety is inspired in the consideration for others and manifested in acts of selflessness and compassion. Piety is the large frame that supports empathy. Sometimes, however, it is much more appropriate to understand this value as the one who determines the need to give. While the man is not conceived as a creature that is complete in solitude, his relationship with others must be conditioned by the maxim of giving things that you want to receive. Sow in others what they want to reap.

Invest in others what we want for us. This rule that can have mathematical dimensions often is underestimated and even treated with contempt. Its vital sense has been replaced by a complex network of human relations that is based on individual interests and selfishness. The person of vision, the big man, understands that the borders of the self are very narrow and the prospect of living among them is not very different from having a rodent in its burrow. The man who possesses a spirit of transcendence knows than larger ones Plains of promised land are far beyond the self, the width and alien world that inhabit each other.