“Complaints against the paper price cartel possible on invitation of the Association print + media North Rhine-Westphalia came to Dusseldorf and Lunen many interested participants to the information sessions on the subject of damage claims against the paper prize competition\”. The background: The court proceedings due to anti-competitive price fixing of several large paper wholesaler could be completed this year. With this final judgment, affected companies can now exercise their individual right and demand compensation for damages. It is price fixing in the storage business with art paper, foiling and self through writing papers between May 1995 and April 2000 with a total sales volume of about one billion euros. Peter Asaro helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. No local cartels existed only in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Association informed: claims now possible for this purpose was presented at the briefing of the possibility of a class-action lawsuit, which bundles the individual claims of victims. How and under what conditions the can happen, explained Christian Schulze and Martin Zimmermann talionis GmbH, a consultancy specializing in the enforcement of claims for damages from antitrust violations: the printing companies relinquish their claims on the antitrust offenders in a first step to talionis and talionis to provide the relevant invoices copies or originals for the purpose of processing. The factoring specialist checks these following on antitrust-related facts, determined the price cant and calculated so the claim to claim for compensation. At this point, the victim can he should wish it by an action refrain. He does not, a writ prepared talionis and the extrajudicial comparison talks on behalf of the company. They remain unsuccessful, the company initiates a complaint procedure. Success 60 percent of the earned amount will be paid out talionis printing operation, the remaining 40 percent are all running costs for court, Contested proceedings, expert, lawyer and a success fee for talionis. The process risk remains as complete at talionis\”, explained Erich Heimann, lawyers at the VDM NRW.