In your head already had an idea for a website, then it is time to think about design. But first you need to draw the layout of the site. There exist web studios who spend a lot of time and money development of the highly exclusive models, which are more reminiscent of pictures of glamorous magazines. And there are people who suddenly came to mind ideas on napkins or on the scraps of paper. In any case, initially it is worthwhile paying attention to the basics of layout. Do not worry, for the development of site layout do not have to be a highly skilled artist. The main essence of the layout is to convey visitors to the site of its essence.

Of course, not necessarily to draw each item on the layout of each page of the site will approach and a simple description of the presence of the element. Just do not recommend to insert into layout of all available text on the page, horizontal lines, not a bad fit for text. It is worth remembering: the width of the browser window greater than its height, so the draw by launching a sheet horizontally, using landscape orientation of the sheet. At the first stage, only use a pencil, to the extent of work will have to erase some of the elements. Just to start by printing a screenshot of a blank browser page. The advantage of these listings lies in the fact that you get the correct size and format for the layout.

Will clearly how the lines of the scroll and the browser interface combined with the developed design. Layouts are created in order to decide where and how they will are elements and page content. Each page layout is to give a meaningful name. For example, a page where users will fill out an order form of goods, is called the "order page". Call page so that then do not forget the title, it will help in the development of navigation on the site.