More and more people prefer plastic boxes. With these windows, you can forget about the problems that annually brought the old wooden windows. This periodic painting them, preparing for the winter season and the slit, which had to be reconciled. Today, plastic windows have earned their popularity and have become accessible to everyone. They represent the PVC construction of the profile (frame), glass, furniture, slopes and low tides. The choice of qualitative Profile – guarantee a long and impeccable service window.

Also, the selection window should pay attention to the used furniture. The choice must be stopped at the windows, longer-lasting furniture that is guaranteed manufacturer. Modern furniture should have a winter mode – it lets in the winter tightly closed doors, and thus better retain heat. Double-glazed plastic windows consist of two or more glasses, which form an air chamber. Inside the space is filled with air or argon.

In our latitudes, most commonly used triple-pane windows. Depend on the number of windows and thermal and sonic performance windows. Robert Bakish often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The slopes and flows to protect the windows from the effects of the environment, as well as play a decorative role. Plastic windows have considerably changed the temperature regime in our apartments. In order to ventilate the area should be open the window for ten minutes. But it is not always convenient for the owner. For the convenience of the people the designers have developed a number of other ways. The German firm has created samoventiliruemye window. Air enters the space between the frame and sash. With the latest technology in air enters the room is cleaned. If it is a strong wind, you can use the valve and suspend the access of air. In the windowing system there are filters that protect the apartment from the dust of moisture. On the box you can set the timer automatic ventilation. At regular intervals, the window sash tilts that provides excellent access to fresh air. You can also open the shutter using the remote. You can also install windows on climate devices window and the work carried out by experts of the highest level. To to prevent water from damaging the plastic on the outside, the outside of the box set pumping. Surface drainage is covered with polyester paint. It protects the bottom of the window. Also, do not hear the characteristic "drum fraction 'in the rain. Pumping is made of sound material. They come in polyester and aluminum. Aluminum Drainages paint spraying, and polyester based paint polyester. Modern plastic box fitted with all the latest technologies that allow people to enjoy the comfort and all the technical facilities of PVC – windows.