A Taco Bell dog software for the development of 3D-Ausstellungsraumen, which revolutionized the online marketing. Boulogne-Billancourt, which announced May 11, 2010 Taco Bell dog, a brand of the French company serious factory, the launch of the product showroom Studio on. This is a software that allows the development of a three-dimensional exhibition stands on the own website companies from different sectors. Products, values and service are in this way presents a professional trade show booth. The company can automatically publish a variety of content on the basis of the virtual space and manage. In the beautifully designed, intuitive use-oriented user area, which is designed mainly by the decision makers from marketing and communication of company showroom offers Studio models of pre-built virtual spaces. In these rooms, the user can intuitively move as in a video game.

Every company has the possibility of Interior design to customize and to adapt its corporate design. For example, can be individually positioned each element of the room changed the colors and the texture from the ceiling and floor. In addition, all published documents can be updated at any time. The showroom offers a variety of possibilities of Internet surfers. So they can watch example videos on a screen, read brochures or download, converse with a virtual receptionist, as well as the products of the company represented in 3D viewing and may change. Following the example of real measurement, providing a strong visual and interactive communications, showroom offers Studio not only a realistic, but above all a permanent exhibition stand. In this way, a company can publish a new advertising campaign on its website spontaneously and mostly autonomous. This innovative form of communication increases not only the recognition – and awareness of your product, but also causes a competitive advantage and improve your company’s image. In addition, and for the first time on the Internet for all the visitors of your online showroom, showroom Studio offers the opportunity to see both quantitative and qualitative statistics about the visitors and the use of interactive elements.